How to Start a Hula Hooping – 4 tips

How to Start a Hula Hooping – 4 tips
26 Dec

All you need to start turning your hula hoop is the hula hoop and the spacious room. Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Started

  1. Find the right-sized hoop. The most important thing at the beginning is choosing the right size hula hoop. For a beginner, a bigger hula hoop is easier to spin because it spins slower. As your skills develop, you can choose a narrower hula hoop that spins faster.
  2. Choose the best weight. The best benefit is when choosing a weighted hula hoop. A beginner should choose around one or two pounds hula hoop. As your skills develop and you become stronger, you may want to consider switching to heavier hula hoops.
  3. Watch a video. There are several online tutorials that will walk you through how to hula hoop with proper form. Some gyms have guided hula hoop lessons where it is good to practice guided.
  4. Start with shorter workouts. In hula hooping, you teach your body to rotate the rim in the right way. The body also has to get used to the weight of the hula hoop and at first the middle body may be sore and bruised. When the body gets used to it, the pain disappears. Practicing for just a few minutes is helpful. When your body gets used to it, aim for at least 13min of exercise a day. According to research, 13min training for 6 weeks narrows the waist by an average of 3.1cm

Safety tips

  • Maintain proper form. Keep your spine straight and your core engaged while you’re hooping
  • Wear tight-fitting clothing. Wear tight clothing. Too loose clothing makes it difficult to turn a hula hoop and can be frustrating.
  • Proceed with caution if you have a back injury. If you have a back injury or chronic back pain, check with your doctor or physical therapist before trying hula hooping to make sure it’s safe for you.


What to pay and where to buy

Hula hooping doesn’t involve a commute to the gym, overcrowded fitness classes, or waiting in line to use a cardio machine. Plus, it is inexpensive and you can do it practically anywhere, including your living room, front yard, or garage.

The cost of a standard hula hoop ranges from $8 to $15 and a weighted hula hoop will run you about $20 to $50, depending on the brand.

Shop for standard hula hoops or weighted hula hoops online.



Hula Hooping Records – Longest marathon hula hooping 74 hours

16 Dec

The longest hula hooping marathon using a single hoop is 74 hours and 54 minutes and was achieved by Aaron Hibbs USA on 22-25 October 2009. Over 100 people helped him through the impressive feat and he secured the record after no one had beaten it for 25 years.

New Guiness World Record?

Kuvahaun tulos haulle hula hooping 100 hours

The United States has broken records for spinning a hula hoop when Jenny Doan, a Chicago resident, spun a hula hoop for 100 hours on 23.11.2019.

This is the longest time any human has ever spun on a hula rim. Guinness has yet to confirm Doe’s record.

Doane had the opportunity, according to Guinness rules, to take short breaks of five minutes after each spinning hour. However, Doe did not take a break every hour, but saved them so much that he was able to sleep for three hours in the morning.


A Finnish pensioner has been running a hula hoop for 10 hours

Finnish Keijo Penttinen 71 years has been running a hula hoop all his life. He got his first when he was 8. His personal record is 10 hours but his mind has been to break the Guiness world record 74 hours 54 minutes.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle keijo penttinen
Länsi-Savon sanomat Youtube

It all started when Dad brought the hula hoop as a gift. As a kid I was already running for up to 4 hours a day. That’s where it all started and continues to this day.

Guiness record some day?

Penttinen, a practitioner of spinning for at least an hour every day, says he is enthusiastic about breaking records by looking at a world record for hubby spinning from the Guinness Book of Records. It has the conditions to have a meal break and rest. Because in a way it would run for a month, Penttinen laughs.

During his record, Penttinen did not take breaks. The wife served orange slices and juice while spinning. In addition, the background music was old dance music.

Penttinen reckons he has run a hula hoop tens of thousands of times during his own record. In ten hours, it becomes 52,800 times while the wheel rotates 88 times per minute.

However, Penttinen’s skill sets do not stop there. He is also specialized in waving his hips while walking.

– I walked two kilometers on a rim.

Towards a new record

The man is not going to rest on his bearings in the future either. The goal is still to break the previous record this coming fall.

– When the weather cools down, the intention is to break for 11 or 12 hours. This is surely the last wild record in my life. After all, the age is 71 years.


The man spun the world’s largest hoop

A Japanese man named Yuya Yamada spun the world’s largest hula hoop in Tokyo, Japan. The man is also known by the nickname Hoop Man Yu-Ya.

The hula hoop itself was a massive 5.14 meters in diameter, breaking the previous record of 5.04 meters for Ashrita Furman.

Breaking the record was for Yamada itself, the second time since the previous record before Furman’s record was in Yamadan’s name and at that time the hoop was 4.93 meters in diameter.

All rims are made of aluminum and should be rotated using the middle torso. Rotated by other means, the hoop is an instant record for the company.

How To Lose Belly Fat – Hula Hooping More Powerful Than Walking

How To Lose Belly Fat – Hula Hooping More Powerful Than Walking
08 Dec

Is Belly Fat A Problem For You? Do you have good  abs but have trouble getting them up? For me it was until I found a hula hoop and how to burn belly fat.


I heard about a Finnish study where the hula hoop was compared to walking. Which way to burn belly fat more effectively? Research has shown that a hula hoop is a much more effective way to burn fat with less effort. 13min hula hoop training for 6 weeks narrowed waist approx. 3.1cm.

I decided to try the hula hoop myself. The problem was that after the study was published, Finland became confused about the hula hoop and the hula hoop was sold out of stores. An estimated 100,000 hula hoops were sold in a short period of time. I booked my own hula hoop shop and got it after 1 month of waiting.


When I started running the hula hoop at first it was difficult but when I learned the technique it was nice. In the beginning, I took episodes of a few minutes that my body got used to it. At first, the body also hurt a little, which is normal. I was running a hula hoop every day in addition to my gym workout. I added a hula hoop spin for 15min a day and after 3 weeks I spun for about 30min a day. I noticed clear changes as the waist narrowed. When I get to the end of my workout cycle I go through a body composition measurement that accurately measures the amount of belly fat. I have always had it at the upper limit, despite hard training.


In Finland, most hula hoops are sold to older and middle-aged people. Young people are also interested in it and, especially in gyms, group exercise classes with a hula hoop are starting to appear. The hula hoop has become trendy. And no wonder who wouldn’t want to get rid of belly fat.


Hula hoops are often perceived as a women’s sport. But it is also good for men. I also recommend hula hoops for men too because often obesity is a men’s problem. And for hikers, a hula hoop is a great tool to get the last grease off your tummy and get a great six pack.




Home Fitness Equipment For Seniors – Hula Hoop

Home Fitness Equipment For Seniors – Hula Hoop
14 Nov

The Hula hoop is also suitable for seniors. Age is not a barrier! It is easy to use, does not require much power, but is still very effective.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find suitable home fitness equipment for seniors. They can be expensive weights, exercise bikes or treadmills.

The Hula Hoop is a cheap and versatile exercise tool that doesn’t need to be swirling all day.


The Right Hula Hoop For The Elderly

There are many types and weights of hula hoops. If the elderly person is a beginner it is advisable to choose for a weightless hula hoop which is just plastic. A weightless hula hoop is a good practice before moving on to a weighted hula hoop.

Plastic hula hoop is lightweight and cheap. It is the perfect hula hoop for the elderly, if you have not previously spin a hula hoop.

As your skills develop and you want more resistance. You can choose a weighted hula hoop. Even weighted hula hoops are light like 0.75kg.


The Benefits of A Hula Hoop

Hula hoop strengthens the middle body, improves posture when you get a stronger middle body. It also burns harmful visceral fat. And above all, it effectively reduces the waist. It also flexes the back and nourishes the spine. It is easy to use and does not take up much space. And you don’t have to go to the gym.


What if The Hula Hoop Rotation Hurts?

However, running a heavy, bumpy hula hoop at first attempt is not as comfortable as you thought – the hoop makes hurts, and after ten minutes, the entire abdominal area is completely red. Ouch? No worries… Rotating your hula hoop often makes you hurt at first, and the next day your stomach and sides may be full of bruises.

Bruising is normal, the body reacts only to new stress. Running a hula hoop doesn’t seem like a fun idea anymore, does it? And it probably wouldn’t even be possible, because big bruises make it so painful. At first, you should wait for the bruises to go away, because hooping with the bruises feels painful.

Although bruises are not dangerous and the body gets used to the new workload fairly quickly, a heavy hula hoop is not the best choice for anyone who is passionate about hoops.


A Fitness Hoop is Not for Everyone

Weighted hula hoop is not suitable for everyone. It should not be used if you have back problems, groin or stomach problems, or if you are taking blood thinners drugs. People who use blood thinners drugs get huge bruises on the heavy hula hoop. So I recommend using a weightless plastic hula hoop.

However, the best measure is your own feeling. If hiking on a weightless or weighted hula hoop does not feel good and fun, you should change the hoop.

If hooping is uncomfortable and painful, I recommend replacing it with a smooth hula hoop or trying some other form of exercise, the most important thing is that you like and enjoy exercise.



Weighted Hula Hoop Exercise – 6 Best Movements

13 Nov

Spinning the hula hoop is a fun and effective exercise that can be enjoyed both indoors and out. If you are a beginner with a hula hoop, start by focusing on the basic spin. Even the usual hula hoop rotation at the waist activates the deep muscles of the body. So the key is to master the basic movement. When the basic rotation is in control, you can try different variations of the spin.

According to a study conducted at the University of Helsinki, 13min hula hoop rotation per day for 6 weeks is enough to narrow the waist by an average of 3cm. For best results, use a weighted hula hoops, which are different weights. A beginner should use a 0.75kg or 1.2kg hula hoop and as your skills improve you can move on to heavier hoops such as 1.5kg or 1.8kg hula hoops. Even heavier ones can be found like 2.2kg.


Movement 1: Hula hoop rotation at waist

Swing the hoop up and throw the hips back and forth: either front to back or side to side.

Concentrate on a small pelvis movement, do not try to rotate the rim with your whole body. If the hoop does not stay up, try changing the position of the feet: move one foot slightly forward or open the feet to a wider position.

Also try turning slowly with the rim so that you make a slow circle with the direction of rotation of the rim.

Below is a Jeannette Ryals YouTube video of the basic hula hoop spin.

Movement 2: Hands towards the roof

Hands are often overlooked when rotating the rim. Do not just leave your hands to the side, but lift them straight as you rotate the rim.

When the arms are raised, it is more difficult to rotate the rim and the middle body will have to work harder – especially the transverse abdominal and oblique abdominal muscles will be activated.

Movement 3: Spiral rotation

The effects of rotation are enhanced when the rim is sometimes rotated faster. A good way to speed up the rotation speed is to rotate in a different direction than where the rim itself is rotating.

After the threaded rotation, continue to rotate the rim normally, evenly, and then repeat the rotation in the anti-motion direction.

In this movement, you need speed and power to keep the strap under control during and after the spin – because of the quick spin, the abdominal muscles have to work really hard!

Movement 4: Elevator

The lift moves the rim in a controlled manner with the body. As the speed of rotation slows down, the hoop moves downward in the body. In turn, you can lift the rim back upwards by accelerating the rotation speed.

The lift is an effective pelvic floor and abdominal exercise: Drop the rim in a controlled manner a few inches down your waist to activate the pelvic floor muscles, then speed up the rotation to get the rim back up. Rotate the rim a few turns as normal, then lower the rim again and increase the rim rotation speed by changing back up.

Initially, a few inches of drop is enough, and as your muscles and body control improve, you may start to lower your wrist.

Movement 5: Squat

Rotate the rim normally with the hips, and slowly crouch down. Do not stop spinning or drop the rim!

Keep your torso tight and slowly return to an upright position. Rotate the rim a few turns normally and repeat the movement.

At first, a small squat is enough; as the skills increase, the squat can be deepened.

Movement 6: Rim limbo

Limbo is the most challenging movement. The rim is still rotated at the waist, but the rim does not rotate horizontally but vertically.

Take a forward bevel position. Slightly bend the back to create a flat area on the lumbar spine where the rim is now rotated. Place the hoop over this flat area, keep your back and stomach tight and give the hoop a boost.

Imagine moving either upside down or pushing the tail upward. Bend your knees well with the movement. Moving initially requires practice, and jumping or running can help you find the rhythm.

Limbo can start skewing at first, due to the fact that right or left handedness also affects the strength of the flanks. The leaning is improved with time, when the muscles of the other side and become stronger.

At The End

These are great exercises with a hula hoop. Hopefully these will help you get your hula hoop rolling and reach your goal. I found the exercises challenging at first, but after learning the techniques, I was able to increase the weight of the hula hoop and cycle longer. The benefits of a hula hoop exercise are undeniable. Many times hula hoop rotation is seen as a women’s thing but I also recommend men to try if they are wondering how to lose stomach fat and get the body ready for summer.




How To Get Rid Of Abdominal Fat – Without Losing Weight

How To Get Rid Of Abdominal Fat – Without Losing Weight
12 Nov

Rotating the Hula Hoop is a great way to digest belly fat even without losing weight. Sounds amazing, but it’s true. A group of Finnish researchers conducted an experiment to study the effectiveness of walking and hula hoops in burning belly fat.


Health Problems Caused By Waist Fat

Poor diet and lack of exercise are the worst enemies of your stomach. Waist fat is known to be a health risk.

Waist fat is associated with metabolic syndrome. For example, it interferes with the body’s production of stress hormones and insulin. Abdominal fat can also be a slip of a slender person, but it often goes hand in hand with being overweight. Being overweight, in turn, predisposes you to many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, some cancers and even dementia.


There Are Different Ways To Reduce Belly Fat In Addition To Hula Hoop

A study published in the 2011 American Journal of Physiology confirmed that jogging is worthwhile. Regular weekly running runs of 20 kilometers reduced the amount of abdominal fat studied.

A study in The Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry found that walking controlled the amount of visceral fat. The subjects walked for 50-70 minutes on three days for 12 weeks. The study was conducted in Korea in 2014.

A 2009 study in The Journal of Nutrition compared the difference between protein-based and carbohydrate-based diets. It was found that those who ate protein lost more weight and had more abdominal fat reduction than the control group. Viscous fats are particularly prone to saturated fatty acids, according to a 2014 Swedish study.

According to a 2012 study by Obesity, people who added fiber to their diet lost 4 percent of their stomach fat in five years. The subjects added 10 grams of fiber per day to their diet. If you want to control your belly fat and overweight, it is clear that you need to reduce your calorie intake. Start snacking. Also forget about sugary drinks like limping.

Continued sleep of less than five hours increases the amount of belly fat, according to a study by Wake Forest University in the United States. British researchers, for their part, found that those who slept for about five hours or less consumed 385 kilo calories a day more than those who slept a day for seven to twelve hours.

All abdominal muscle movements are effective burners of abdominal fat.

All of the above methods are effective in reducing abdominal fat, but require work, time and commitment, and for some they may be beyond your reach.

Hula hoop changes the spirit of the game.

What Makes Weighted Hula Hoop So Great?

The Finnish researchers themselves were amazed at the results of their research, which found that hula hoop rotation has major health effects. The study was carried out with a weighted hula hoop which strengthens the abdominal muscles more than a normal weightless children’s hoop. In the study, the hula hoop narrowed the waist by centimeters without losing weight. The waist circumference of the hula hoops was significantly reduced compared to walking.

With a daily rotation of 13 minutes, the average waist circumference was three centimeters. The maximum waistline reduction is eight centimeters in six weeks. In the case of a hula hoop, the amount of abdominal fat decreased and muscle mass increased significantly. Hula hoop rotation also significantly reduced bad LDL cholesterol.

Walking, on the other hand, was found to favorably affect good HDL cholesterol. By losing weight alone, reducing the three centimeters would require several pounds of weight loss.

The results of the University of Helsinki study are significant because it is difficult to name other locally-based waist fat burning exercises that have been scientifically proven to be effective.


Waist narrowing is not only an aesthetic issue but also has significant health effects. Middle obesity is a major public health problem. It may be a little bit too ambitious to hope that every waistline would regularly start exercising or doing some other strenuous exercise. Instead, hobbling can be just the kind that is both easy and effective and yet so insatiable that it can attract. Hobbling succeeds at home, no matter what. You can even watch TV at the same time.

About Me

12 Nov

Hi, and welcome to my page. I’m a firefighter / paramedic and I live in Finland. I have all my life been to the gym and working out. Despite the fact that I was in good shape so the belly fat has been for me always a problem.

I have found the weighted Hula Hoops and tried it and noticed great results. The effectiveness of the hula hoop has been studied in Finland and found to be very effective in lose abdominal fat. That’s why I want to help other people  who are looking for a way how to get rid of abdominal fat.

A Story About My Life

When I was a kid, I was bullied and wanted to do something about it. So I started going to the gym and doing boxing. In junior high, I lifted the school’s most weights off the bench. This is how I became respected. I started defending school bullying.

As an adult, I was in good shape and working as a firefighter until I got a pulmonary embolism age 28 and my gym workout ended. Two years after embolism while working in an ambulance, I got a heart attack age 30. My co-workers saved my life. One month after a heart attack, I got an abdominal distension and my minor gym training ended for another two years.

After getting my back in shape, I started going to the gym again and could I say that the gym has saved my life for the second time. I feel alive at the gym because it has been such a big part of my life and helped me through difficult times. But despite all that, the belly fat has stayed. After finding the weighted hula hoop and research to support its benefits, I feel reborn.

Now I want to give back and help people to work out and hopefully experience being alive in the gym and achieving their goals

How To Get Results?

Motivation and self-discipline! These two are the most important. When they are in your head, anything is possible. Benefits of hula hooping are undeniable. According to the study a 13 minute daily 1.5kg hula hoop training for 6 weeks will narrow your waist by an average of 3cm.

Here is a link to the research result.



Founder of Fitness Hula Hoops